Hailing from the frozen lands of the flyover states, Jeremy traveled to LA via NYC to pursue a career in music. When “Rockstar” didn't pan out as a viable career, he did what any self-respecting and directionless music washout does: he went to film school. Since earning his MFA in Film at UCLA, Jeremy spends his time writing horror and drama scripts, directing music videos, day dreaming about a hobby farm replete with pet goats and a pig, and playing in his rock band (just “for fun” these days).

A current resident of east LA, he can be found hiking with his dogs, doing yoga, drinking beer, or hunched over a laptop on a caffeine bender. Having watched “Salem’s Lot,” “The Thing” and “Jaws” at too young an age, Jeremy is now a die-hard horror fan who loves Halloween a bit too much for a grown man, but it lead him to write “The Gaslamp Horror” which won Screamfest’s 2012 Screenplay Competition. His supernatural themed TV pilot “Landers End” also won in the TV Drama category at UCLA’s 2016 Screenwriter’s Showcase. (Please email for a copy)

In addition to horror, Jeremy writes action based stories and is currently shopping around "Mad Jack," a historical biopic based on the true story of a sword wielding British officer who fought Nazis in World War II. (Please email for a copy or download at blcklst.com)

Calico released the music video for "The 405," directed and edited by Jeremy, in July 2017 as a lead up to their sophomore album. He has also shot music videos for Alice Wallace, Remains of Giants, and Vox Medusa to name a few.